How to store Latex clothing

Oil or Talcum to take care of your latex clothes?   Well this is an interesting question and I am often asked. Talc is kept in rolls, sprinkled lightly with talcum so that it does not stick. So it would seem the ideal method of conservation, but it has been noticed that over time the […]


Washing in hand latex clothing

HOW TO WASH THE LATEX CLOTHING? Washing latex clothing by hand simple rules. Hand washing is the most used method to wash your latex garments. We recommend washing the items you have just bought from unknown producers. The DEAPAGANA Latex Couture garments will already be washed and oiled. With our certified silicone oil for cosmetic […]


How to clean latex clothing in the washing machine

Sometimes we ask ourselves out of curiosity or practicality if it is possible to wash our catsuit and latex clothing in the washing machine. The answer is yes with some precautions because they are delicate items with unique characteristics. As for hand washing, the water temperature, the detergent used, the delicacy in washing, the type […]