Care and Repair Latex Products

Latex Care Products

We are with you suggesting Products Care and Repair Latex for clothing in latex and rubber.
With just a few simple steps and the right Latex Care and Repair products your latex will remain shiny, soft and elastic for years.

The Latex Care and Repair Products that DEAPAGANA Latex Couture offers are certified and have the additional guarantee of our feedback.

As we use them to treat the garments we use for video and photo sets.

SILICON OIL for sale on our site is 100% pure and has an additional guarantee for cosmetic use.

As it will come in contact not only with your clothes but also with your skin.

It is also an excellent product as it is a teaspoon in clean water after washing.

This dose is sufficient to oil an entire catsuit and store it protected for months as well as giving an exceptional shine.

We offer it in the classic 100 ml version and in a practical 10 ml version ideal for travel or when we are away from home.

Sometimes even using all the attention can happen to pierce or cut maybe our favorite catsuit and not know how to repair it.

DEAPAGANA Latex Couture proposes to a repair kit containing everything necessary to provide the repair itself.

All this in an economical, practical and fast way for very latex lovers.

The kit contains a specific glue for latex which remains elastic even once dried.

Also round patches of small and big are black, a classic, that transparent so ideal for each color and two square pieces, one black and one transparent.

In addition, collective courses and private lessons in latex clothing repair are organized in the main Italian cities.

Write an email through contacts to request information for a lesson on latex clothing repair.

Or take part in a course or organize one using our teacher, an expert in latex latex rubber latex care and maintenance.

Our Products Care and Repair Latex are of excellent quality and perfect for use.

Ultimately with the Latex Care and Repair Products you will become independent in repairing and maintaining your clothes.