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What is the Cosplay

The world Cosplay is originates from the union of two English words.

Costume and Play intended both as playing and acting.

In fact in the Cosplay both aspects are important both the fun, as with the exponential growth of the phenomenon some people have made this wonderful passion a job.

The Cosplayer recites or plays a character mainly inspired by anime, manga, video games and TV series.

So the Cosplayer not only wears clothing accessories and make up of the chosen character. But it recites so that voice and movements correspond and not only interpreters but “be” that character.

In this way, through a game it is possible to bring out parts of oneself and explore them.

We often see Cosplayer playing roles that are completely different from their character.

Cosplay in latex lattice gomma per uomo e donna da anime manga fumetti telefilm su misura

History of the Cosplay

The first Cosplay appear spontaneously among fans in the ’70s in Japan and America.

With the boom of the anime Gundam created by Yoshiyuki Tomino in 1979 and with the consequent article appeared in the Japanese press in 1980 we have in principle the officialization of the Cosplay phenomenon.

In the same years we witness in America the creation of groups and events related to the science fiction series “Star Trek”, in which the fans dress and talk like the protagonists of the show.

From that point on, and above all with the success of the “Evangelion” anime, the world of Cosplay has begun to grow in popularity without mentioning a decrease in interest to date.

Materials for Cosplay

So basically any material can be used to make a cosplay, it depends on what we have to do.

So we can use wood to create swords and then paint them. Or the liquid latex to create wounds and appendices of all kinds, both coloring it in mixture and finished Props.

Also Worbla and Foam in colored sheets to cut out to create flakes, armor, crowns with the practicality of extremely light materials.

There are more technical materials like the resins used in 3D printers to create Props identical to the original model. Or unusual materials that serve to obtain a final effect that is as similar as possible to the model.

As for clothing, different natural or synthetic fabrics, often elasticized, are used.

This is because many characters are anime or manga set in the future and therefore use tight suits.

Hence the need for fabrics that follow as much as possible the shapes of the body.

Latex for Cosplay

Latex is a natural material obtained from the rubber tree and is sold in rolls of different color and thickness. Therefore you have to choose the one that is most suitable for the individual costume.

The Latex, however, is a material with specific technical specifications and to work it requires great skills both for what concerns the paper pattern and for what concerns the packaging.

The cost of the garment is rewarded by the beauty, perfect adherence and brightness given by the Latex itself.

The effect will be that of a second skin and most of the anime and comic manga characters will be really the same as the original.

We always recommend contacting well-known companies that work with seriousness starting from the choice of material.

Not all types of Latex are equal, some are products starting from other virgin rubber from different mixtures.

The Latex used by DEAPAGANA Latex Couture is produced by direct processing of the rubber, it is deproteinized and of medical grade.

This guarantees the best quality on the market both in terms of safety in contact with the skin and resistance and shine of the material.

Therefore we advise you to take care of your latex garment, always washing it in cold water and neutral detergent. It is also a good idea to always keep it oiled, with a specific product, in this way will always remain soft will not stick or break for years.

Cosplay hatsune miku donna in latex lattice gomma anime manga

Cosplay events

So the best way to share your passion for the Cosplay is to meet other people with the same passion.

All over the world there are events dedicated to manga, anime, comics and events dedicated exclusively to Cosplay. A little internet search will show you those closest to you and you can start to frequent them and live your favorite characters in public.

Always remembering that Cosplay means Costume and Play.

So let’s play, have fun and create beautiful things together with other people, because this is the true sense of Cosplay.

Why choose a Cosplay DEAPAGANA Latex Couture?

All DEAPAGANA Latex Couture Cosplay are tailor-made to fit the client’s shapes and be enveloping and comfortable.

Also they are made of medical grade Latex and in different thicknesses depending on the effect to be obtained.

Send an MAIL describing the Cosplay you want, we will give you directions, advice and a detailed estimate.