FAQs About payments and shipping

This group of FAQs, frequently asked questions, concern the purchasing phase and the security in the management of your data.

We also answer some questions about expenses, logistics and privacy related to your shipment.

How can I pay for my purchases?

Payment of all latex or rubber clothing and accessories can be made by bank transfer, PayPal or credit card by ordering them on the site itself.

If you choose to pay with a credit card, your credit card will be validated during the order process.

The amount will be debited only if you decide to purchase following the procedure until the completion of sending.

Your credit card details are and will not be saved in any way, it is not allowed to do so by law.

All associated data are managed and processed directly by our WireCard.

This service offers efficient access to a global system worldwide with smooth processes, maximum security of payment and complete fraud protection.

How can I buy or use a Gift Card ?

First of all, congratulations and thank you !!!

So you love latex or you want to make someone who loves him happy too.

Perfect, you can buy a Gift Certificate in the same way you buy clothing and accessories in latex on our website.

In the shipping section you will decide whether to receive the voucher in electronic format containing a unique and non-repeatable code to your Mail or Mail of the person you want to give the gift to.

To use the voucher, after choosing what you want, enter the code shown on the voucher in the section next to the cart and proceed with the order.

For technical reasons it is possible to redeem only one voucher per order.

How much are the shipping costs ?

DEAPAGANA Latex Couture ships all items by registered mail.

In the shipping confirmation email you will receive a tracking number, so you can check your shipment.

Our shipping costs depend on the country of destination, and are divided by geographical area.

The exact costs can be viewed in the Shipping Costs section The parcels are totally anonymous and protect the privacy of our customers.

I have not received the order confirmation e-mail!

If you have not received the order confirmation email, please contact us by email info@deapagana.it.

We ask you to specify the order number and your details, we will verify your email address and correct it if necessary.

And we will take care to get you your order on time.

What happens if I’m not home at the time of delivery?

It may happen that at the time of delivery of your package you are not at home.

No problem you will find a delivery notice in your mailbox left by your postman.

So you can easily pick up the package containing your latex clothing or accessory at the nearest post office, when you are more comfortable.

Some FAQ concerning repairs and care of latex clothing

Alcune FAQ relative al servizio di riparazione abbigliamento in latex offerto da DEAPAGANA Latex Couture.

Inoltre la possibilità con . un apposito kit di aggiustare da soli i vostri abiti, catsuit e accessori in gomma.

E di partecipare a corsi individuali e di gruppo in cui imparare tecniche e segreti del mestiere su riparazioni, cura e gestione dell’abbigliamento in latex.

Can I have my latex garments repaired?

Sometimes unfortunately it happens to break a latex, latex or rubber garment even if we are careful.

Metal objects such as rings can pierce or cut the latex, and sometimes you can detach a part especially where there are hinges.

If you want us to take care of it even if the garment has not been purchased here.

We ask you to send us an email to info@deapagana.it explaining what happened and attaching at least one photograph of the point to be repaired.

And we will send you a detailed estimate based on the damage of the garment and you can get back and enjoy your latex clothing.

We also ask the courtesy to wash well and sprinkle talcum powder with the items you decide to have us repaired.

If we receive garments still oiled, it calculates € 20.00 of additional expenses for washing and treatment with talcum powder.

We also have a latex clothing remittance service if your measurements have changed and you still want to enjoy items that you are particularly fond of.

ATTENTION: Chlorinated garments can only be glued in the parts that detach all the rest of the garment is no longer responsive to the glue.

Can I repair my latex clothing on my own?

Of course you can, if you have a good dexterity is a nice idea at least try.

At this point the advice is to buy a kit for the repair of latex clothing.

So you will have everything you need for your repairs.

In addition, by contacting us at info@deapagana.it you can book an individual course, a group course or help us organize a course in your city.

What should I do if the latex garments are not the right size?

If your purchased latex items do not fit, we will be happy to exchange your items with them in a more appropriate way.

We ask you to check both your measurements and the measurement tables as we unfortunately do not reimburse items due to wrong measurements regarding standard items.

So take your real measurements, not smaller, because we will calculate ourselves according to the elasticity of the latex.

The tailored garments are not reimbursed, we ask you courtesy to pay extra attention to taking measures.

Before sending an article we always ask for the courtesy to contact us and explain the problem.

We will always do our best to meet you. DEAPAGANA Latex Couture

Via Cavour 39

25030 Orzivecchi BS


What can I do if I have forgotten my password?

If you have forgotten your password, please click here.

We remind you that your password is unique to your account and that all your data is protected by law

We would like to think that you have answered all your FAQs and trivia, if this were not the case we are here for you.

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