How to clean latex clothing in the washing machine

How to clean latex clothing in the washing machine

Sometimes we ask ourselves out of curiosity or practicality if it is possible to wash our catsuit and latex clothing in the washing machine.

The answer is yes with some precautions because they are delicate items with unique characteristics.

As for hand washing, the water temperature, the detergent used, the delicacy in washing, the type of water and the final oiling must be taken into account.

Ideal for washing rubber garments are programs for delicate washing or pure virgin wool.

Below we give more specific parameters so that everyone can check the specifications of the various programs available on their washing machine.


Ideal temperature for latex washing


From the tests carried out in the company for printing, the latex has supported jets of heat up to 110 degrees.

This does not mean to exaggerate with the washing temperature but it certainly gives us a margin if we have to make some small mistake.

Many companies recommend cold water other 30 Degrees, from countless trials we can safely recommend the 30 Degrees.

At this temperature the residues of dirt and sweat are removed and the latex even in light colors is not damaged.


Which detergent should I use to wash latex garments?


First of all, a neutral detergent suitable for delicate or colored laundry is ideal.

This if the garments are used only by you ,.

If, on the other hand, they are also used by other people, perhaps because they are part of a theatrical or cinematographic wardrobe, better a detergent with antibacterial but that does not contain bleach or similar.

In addition, a really important precaution is to check that the detergent does NOT contain fabric softener as it may damage the latex.

A useful advice is instead to add a little ‘white vinegar in the rinse tank.

Vinegar is a natural anti-scale and does not damage latex.

In addition, by eliminating a good part of the limescale present in the water, the possibility of drying out stains or halos due to a strong presence of this dissolved mineral clearly decreases.


Centrifuge the latex garments or not?

Many programs for washing delicate items have the possibility to exclude the centrifuge.

Alternatively, a 400-spin centrifuge is fine and eliminates a good part of the water.

In this way we will have garments that almost dry.

NEVER put latex garments in the dryer for any reason and never iron them.


Which colors can be washed in the washing machine


Basically all latex colors can also be washed together using, for example, a detergent for colored garments.

But be careful to have the foresight to spread them at the end of washing and not to leave them in the drum of the washing machine.

In fact, especially the transparent or light colors can be affected by prolonged contact with dark garments.

ATTENTION some colors, especially red, can change color when in contact with water and some garments look stained once they have dried out.

It is the effect of water and once dry they will return to the natural color.

Very calcareous water may leave streaks but as suggested by adding apple vinegar to rinse it will also obviate this inconvenience.


What is better not to wash in the washing machine


Every latex garment is in principle machine-washable.

We must however evaluate that over time the garments can unstuck at some points especially where there are hinges.

This can happen indifferently with washing by hand or in the washing machine and in good quality garments it is a very rare event and after many washes.

In this case you can safely carry out the head perfectly dry by putting a little ‘specific glue contained in the KIT REPAIR KIT IN LATEX.

We have prepared an article in which we explain how to use the repair kit in a simple and functional way.

We also strongly advise against washing clothes with metal parts protruding like pointed studs that could damage or puncture the garment.

These items should be washed by hand with extreme caution and care.


Oiling and storage of latex items


Each garment in freshly washed latex must be immersed in clean water with a teaspoon of SILICONE OIL, checking, as ours is for cosmetic use and suitable for latex clothing.

At this point it can be laid out to dry first to the right then backwards on a drying rack away from direct sunlight.

Once perfectly dry, you can store your latex garment in a black case in a closet.

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