How to store Latex clothing

How to store Latex clothing

Oil or Talcum to take care of your latex clothes?



Well this is an interesting question and I am often asked.

Talc is kept in rolls, sprinkled lightly with talcum so that it does not stick.

So it would seem the ideal method of conservation, but it has been noticed that over time the latex tends to absorb the talc and therefore the protective function is lost.

Furthermore, being a natural material absorbs the talc and tends to get dry then to stick and sometimes even break.

The best way to preserve catsuit and latex clothes is to oil them with a certified silicone oil for cosmetic use.

In this way, the latex absorbs the right amount of oil and, in addition to becoming shiny, remains soft and elastic over time.


How to oil latex clothing?


As we said in addition to an aesthetic question, this treatment is essential for good care and maintenance.

We can directly oil the dress but following this method you will use very little product with an excellent and very practical result.

If it is a new garment, rinse it to remove the talc.

If it is a garment you have just used, wash it well with neutral detergent and cold or lukewarm water and rinse it with extreme care.

Fill the sink with cold water again and add a tablespoon of oil for a catsuit, unless you have smaller items.

Move the garment well in the water to the right and back so that each part comes into contact with oiled water, pay attention especially to gloves and socks.

Now dab your clothes with a terry towel to remove the excess of water and spread them putting under a dry sponge on a drying rack without ever using clothes pegs that could leave marks.

Also remember to always dry them on the reverse side of mmodo that no traces of water remain.

Now you can safely store your clothes in a hanging wardrobe protected by a dark case.


Which oil to use to polish and store latex clothing


There are several companies that offer products to polish, nourish and protect latex clothing.

The important thing is to check that they are known companies and that they propose silicone oil for cosmetic use.

This is precisely for our safety and protection as the garments are in direct contact with the skin.

Also it is not recommended to use other oils such as vegetable oils as they may damage or stain your clothes and it would be a real shame.

Ultimately we always check to buy from a serious and known company.

Both to protect our health and not to ruin, even keep our leaders beautiful over time.

And if you want to be safe and comfortable you can choose our oil because it is not only guaranteed for cosmetic use but it is what we use to keep the garments you see photographed in the sets beautiful.

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