Latex Care

Latex care for latex and rubber clothing.

Care instructions for Latex washing, storage, clothing repair in latex and natural rubber.

So latex is a natural substance requires a bit of attention. However, latex and rubber latex clothing is not at all difficult to maintain.

How to wash latex latex rubber clothing.

The latex clothing should be washed within 48 hours or the sweat may stain it.

Definitely hand wash in cold water with a neutral detergent without fabric softener.

Also remember to rinse well on both sides of the garment.

Fill again with cold water and a teaspoon of silicone oil, move the head well.

Dab the latex clothing and lay it out to dry in the shade. Lubricant must be applied when wearing clothes.

Used for latex latex rubber clothing only certified silicone oil. Of course, do not iron, the latex will melt.

Store clothes and accessories hanging in a dark place covered with a black plastic bag.

Remember not to put black latex dresses in light colored clothing, they could stain them.

Do not let latex clothing come into contact with copper objects because they would be stained.

Swimwear is latex swimming pool should be washed immediately after use.

And oiled with a few drops of silicone oil under tap water.