Payment Methods

Methods of Payment on the site

What are the payment methods?

We like to pamper our customers and we like them to put them at ease. So we offer you different payment methods so that you can choose the one you are used to or that is most convenient for you.

We use known payment platforms that are easy to use to make every purchase a pleasure for you.


Credit cards are the most used payment method for internet purchases. In fact, they are a practical, fast method that allows you to have a credit to your bank account.

DEAPAGANA e-commerce Latex Couture supports the most used credit cards.

So enjoy the joy of a gift to make and do with joy in our online store.  


PayPal is a method of payment now used by many buyers worldwide for online shopping, as it is simple and offers considerable guarantees in terms of security.

If you have a PayPal account and do not want to use your bank account you can easily buy in this mod on our site and dedicate yourself so to the choice of what you like.


For those who prefer this method of payment we provide an IBAN to pay the chosen items.

The order will be made active upon receipt of the transfer also online. Approximately from 2 to 5 working days depending on the Bank used. This is a proven method and many of our customers use it to buy from us.