DEAPAGANA Latex Couture was born as a brand with a strong artistic vocation.

Identifying and developing collaborations with the press, photographers, exhibitions, installations, painters, sculptors and directors.
Always preferring large-scale creative events where a natural material.

Although less known as Latex can interact with different projects.

Often at first sight they are not connected to each other, to obtain results of great visual impact.

Projects inspired by literature, in the first place “Alice in Wonderland”.

So also to Japan with its geishas, ​​katanas and origami.

Not least to Tarantino’s films.

In a mix of culture, history of costume, pinup and cosplayer.

An important part of this material has been and will be published in the press.

In trade magazines such as art, fashion and photography magazines.

This synergy between natural rubber latex clothing, art and culture will grow over time.

And it will be held up by the commitment of the Italian brand DEAPAGANA Latex Couture.

Working in this direction and with the collaboration of creative and visionary artists.

Who see in the latex, a shiny and close-fitting material, a source of inspiration.

Perhaps unexpected but with strong and never banal images published in the press.
At the same time the DEAPAGANA Latex Couture sets will be more and more made of multimedia events, installations, exhibitions and conceptual dynamics.

And not just a fashion show, albeit spectacular, with latex clothing.

The editorials and photographs of catsuits, dresses, accessories, latex harness vary from color to black and white to saturated colors.

From the essentiality of a single glossy and iconic latex mask.

Up to an accessory similar to a baroque sculpture placed in a landscape where the wealth of characters, clothes and colors will create a rich and complex choreography.

We would like to thank all the artists, photographers, models, make-up artists, directors, editors and magazines who have collaborated and collaborated with us.

Together to create art, fashion and beauty first and secondly images of clothing in Latex.

To conclude proudly Made in Italy that will enchant you with their elegance and creativity.

Obscurae Magazine

Virtuositè Mag