Shipping Cost

Shipping cost For clothing and accessories in Latex or Rubber DEAPAGANA Latex Couture

Shipping methods and costs depend on the geographical area


Peso Meno di: <10kg
Standard: € 7,90
Standard: € 15,90
Standard: € 39,90

In any case, the items can be sent to an address other than the billing address for the convenience of the customer.

In fact, this solution is perfect if you give latex latex and rubber clothing and accessories.

In addition, each item is individually wrapped so that garments of different colors do not come into contact.

In this way your latex clothes will be perfect if you also keep them separated by color.

Because all packages are packaged with care and attention with special envelopes or postal packages.

DEAPAGANA Latex Couture uses known couriers and insured shipments for the tranquility of our customers.

So that the Latex does not suffer during transport and that it arrives from you in perfect condition.

Your natural rubber latex garment is always oiled before being shipped.

This attention on our part serves to make you have a head already fed, soft and ready to use.

Our Shipping Methods are accurate and suitable for couture clothing. ultimately report us if you have ideas to improve this DEAPAGANA Latex Couture service too.