Body Latex Fetish Zipper Belts in rubber latex clothing with leggings gloves hood mask for concert goth dress event movie photo set play party musical video

Body Latex Fetish Zipper Belts



Body Latex Fetish Zipper Belts in rubber thickness mm 0,4 with front chrome zipper and two belts.

3826343270XS57 ‐ 63 cm78 ‐ 84 cm83 ‐ 89 cm
40/424/68/1036/3834/369/111/2S64 ‐ 69 cm85 ‐ 90 cm90 ‐ 95 cm
44/468/1012/1440/4238/4613/153/4M70 ‐ 75 cm91 ‐ 95 cm96 ‐ 102 cm
48/5012/1416/1844/4642/4417/195/9L76 ‐ 83 cm96 ‐ 100 cm103 ‐ 109 cm
52/5416/1820/2248/5046/5021/237/8XL84 ‐ 93 cm101 ‐ 110 cm110 ‐ 118 cm
5620245250259XXL94 ‐ 100cm111 ‐ 119 cm118 ‐ 126 cm

Body Latex Fetish Zipper Belts in shiny perfect fit rubber.

Body Latex Fetish Zipper Belts great for an aggressive woman with a rock soul.

A latex body fetish with zipper and aggressive belts, fashion and perfect for a strong, dominant woman. Latex fetish body with zipper and shiny, close-fitting belts. Ideal as a body to wear for those who are not practical latex clothing because of the zipper on the front. Furthermore, this body is extremely suitable for wearing with a motorcycle jacket. A latex body fetish with zipper and belts ideal for a real mistress play party with her slave. This latex clothing has been used in music videos and is perfect on a stage for a band. We recommend combining it with latex leggings or leather pants. Give or give yourself a unique latex body with an exclusive rock and alternative design, a perfect gift.