Body latex lace zipper




Body latex lace zipper in printed rubber thicness mm 0,4

ITUSAUKFRDEJPSportInt.Waist cmBreast cmHips cm
3826343270XS57 ‐ 6378 ‐ 8483 ‐ 89
40/424/68/1036/3834/369/111/2S64 ‐ 6985 ‐ 9090 ‐ 95
44/468/1012/1440/4238/4613/153/4M70 ‐ 7591 ‐ 9596 ‐ 102
48/5012/1416/1844/4642/4417/195/9L76 ‐ 8396 ‐ 100103 ‐ 109
52/5416/1820/2248/5046/5021/237/8XL84 ‐ 93101 ‐ 110110 ‐ 118
5620245250259XXL94 ‐ 100111 ‐ 119118 ‐ 126

 Body latex lace zipper perfect fit and shiny

 Body latex lace zipper in rubber printed

A sensual and refined latex underwear ideal for a romantic or sexy evening to seduce your partner.

A beautiful rubber body so elegant that it can easily be used as outdoor clothing for events or theater.

In fact, with a pencil skirt or wheeled skirt or a pair of leather or fabric latex pants, it's perfect for going out in the evening with friends.

If you love creative materials and unique prints this latex rubber garment is definitely an optimal choice.

Definitely a sleeveless body in latex and creative trend for fashion bloggers and fashion lovers in particular.

If you've never worn latex this gorgeous unique body can be your first purchase.

As it is easy to wear and can be mixed with many items in your wardrobe even in latex.

Give this body to a latex lover woman and you will not be mistaken, it will be appreciated .

And will make it even more beautiful and desirable in this sexy latex body.