Bra Bandeau Latex Fetish in shiny rubber as swimsuit with pant briefs thong or underwear weared with jacket, shirt, trousers.

Bra Bandeau Latex Fetish




Bra Bandeau Latex Fetish in rubber thickness mm 0,4

Measure Underbust

63-67 cm68-72 cm73-77 cm78-82 cm83-87 cm88-92 cm93-97 cm98-102 cm
USA / UK3032343638404244
Australia / New Zelanda810121416182022

Difference between breast and underbust

12-14 cm14-16 cm16-18 cm18-20 cm20-22 cm22-24 cm24-26 cm26-28 cm

Choose the Bra Bandeau Latex Fetish as first rubber clothing with sweet and perfect fit wearability.

The latex bandeau  bra proposed by DEAPAGANA Latex Couture is a perfect wearable bra.

A  Bra Bandeau Latex Fetish in shiny latex close-fitting underwear.

With a graphic and modern design ideal for a first contact with the world of latex.

If you need an article to pair with Brazilian briefs, culottes or hot pants, this article is perfect.

You will create a complete sexy and unusual underwear if worn in black or red, elegant and refined in ivory white.

Chosen in pastel or vitamin colors this latex bandeau bra is a beautiful swimsuit.

With coordinated slip in the same color or in contrasting color.

So, if you're more creative, or you're a blogger or a fashion addicted, you can wear it with leggings or a longuette skirt.

Maybe with a latex or leather jacket or a cotton shirt for a special night at an exclusive party.

Or ideal as rubber swimsuit with brief, pant , thong.