Certified Silicone Oil Latex Rubber 100 ml



Certified 100% silicone oil for cosmetic use is essential for the care and storage of latex and rubber clothing. Ideal by adding a few drops to clean water after ordinary washing or directly on the garment to polish it outdoors and inside to make it easier to wear it.

Certified Silicone Oil Latex Rubber 100 ml for cosmetic for the care and conservation of latex latex and rubber clothing.

Certified Silicone Oil Latex Rubber 100 ml to wear and polish rubber.

It is an oil suitable for polishing and maintenance of your latex clothing in order to maintain them over time.

In fact, remember that not all oils are suitable for nourishing and polishing latex and rubber.

Not only must contact between latex and vegetable oil or other non-specific oils be avoided.

This is because the latex garment would be ground and ruin and it would be a real shame.

Add a teaspoon of our oil to clean water after normal washing.

Also take care to move the catsuit or the garments in the water inside and outside.

Now put your latex clothing to dry in a ventilated place away from the sun.