collare schiavo due colori in latex spesso mm 0,8 con fibbia regolabile cromata e bordo alto cm 0,7 in contrasto di colore

Collar Slave Two Colors



Collar Slave Two Colors rubber thickness mm 0,8 with metal buckle

Head circumference (cm) 49-53 cm 53-55 cm 54-57 cm 58-60 cm 61-64 cm
Neck circumference(cm) 29-33 cm 31-35 cm 33-39 cm 37-43 cm 41-46 cm

Collar Slave Two Colors for fetish and rubber lovers.

Collar Slave Two Colors perfect with rubber catsuit underwear and glove.

The two-color slave collar is perfect for a fetish wardrobe and bdsm parties.

You can use the collar of DEAPAGANA Latex Couture during a play party or on private occasions.

Perfect if paired with a latex catsuit by adding a harness, belt or boxer.

With the two-color slave collar you will give life to your most hidden fantasies.

Every dominant woman will love to see it worn by her partner.

Furthermore this latex rubber latex collar can be used as a fashion accessory.

Also in editorials, photo shoots, videos for bands and shows.

Taking care of this latex accessory will last over time giving you satisfaction.