Collare Schiava Due Colori in latex spesso mm 0,8 con fibbia regolabile cromata e bordo alto cm 0,7 in contrasto di colore Collar Slave Woman Two Colors

Collar Slave Woman Two Colors




Collar Slave Woman Two Colors rubber thickness mm 0,8 with metal buckle

Neck circumference (cm) 49-53 cm 53-55 cm 54-57 cm 58-60 cm 61-64 cm
Neck circumference(cm) 29-33 cm 31-35 cm 33-39 cm 37-43 cm 41-46 cm

Collar Slave Woman Two Colors is one of the most loved latex accessories.

A Collar Slave Woman Two Colors perfect to match your Catsuit.

In fact we can wear our favorite catsuit and make it unique with a collar, gloves, socks, harness.

Surely the latex garments such as dresses and even solid color corsets will be perfect with this collar.

We also think of shows, entertainment in discos, fetish events and burlesque shows.

In all these occasions a rubber accessory like this is a perfect complement for your gummy outfit.

Therefore we can also think of giving this collar to a woman or girl who loves latex.

And we will be sure to make a welcome gift maybe using our GIFT CARDS

Or to our partner to revive the eros and the couple's relationship with always interesting role-playing games.

Collar Slave Two Colors to use as a necklace The latex accessories are becoming more and more trendy combined with garments in fabric or leather.

So not just gloves, socks and hats, but also collars and chokers instead of a classic necklace.

In fact, fashion has always winked at the fetish universe and its accessories in latex and rubber.

Surely a collar worn in the daytime with a white shirt and a classic jacket is extremely trendy.

Moreover stylists for fashion and video magazines love to use this type of collar.

Also in bright colors as a complement in the photographs or in choreography often for singers.

In fact, the collar remains an evocative and perfect object for the musical world with e "perfecto" jacket and leggings.

Because ideal to combine with tuxedo jackets and trousers in black leather maybe using the red-bottomed one.

Also with our evening dresses to have a contrast with the elegance of the dress and the transgressive idea in the collar use.