Corset Latex Fetish Front Zipper Belts in rubber for fetish trendy fashion woman with stockings underwear leggings catsuit for party disco movie photo set.

Corset Latex Fetish Front Zipper Belts




Corset Latex Fetish Front Zipper Belts in rubber thickness mm 0,4 front zipper and two belts.

3826343270XS57 ‐ 63 cm78 ‐ 84 cm83 ‐ 89 cm
40/424/68/1036/3834/369/111/2S64 ‐ 69 cm85 ‐ 90 cm90 ‐ 95 cm
44/468/1012/1440/4238/4613/153/4M70 ‐ 75 cm91 ‐ 95 cm96 ‐ 102 cm
48/5012/1416/1844/4642/4417/195/9L76 ‐ 83 cm96 ‐ 100 cm103 ‐ 109 cm
52/5416/1820/2248/5046/5021/237/8XL84 ‐ 93 cm101 ‐ 110 cm110 ‐ 118 cm
5620245250259XXL94 ‐ 100cm111 ‐ 119 cm118 ‐ 126 cm

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The Corset Latex Fetish Front Zipper Belts is a latex garment ideal for its versatility.

A Corset Latex Fetish Front Zipper Belts with a shiny and aggressive fitting for fetish and fashion rubber lovers.

This graphic and original corset suitable for an aggressive and dominant woman who loves latex clothing. Worn with latex leggings becomes a latex catsuit for a vocalist, a concert or a music video. Combined with hotpants, shorts or briefs it becomes a perfect body for an evening in a transgressive or private party. Even if you do not usually wear latex you'll fall in love with the latex fetish corset with zippered belts. The zipper on the front of this latex fetish corset with zipper belts makes it easy to wear it to those who are not used to latex. A corset for those who are attentive to the perfect fashion trends in black, burgundy, red latex with jeans. Suitable for a cosplay in metallic gray that echoes an armor or an all-Max max. Trendy in pastel colors such as pink, lilac, blue and green water latex suitable for those who want to be unique. So a latex fetish corset with zippered belts that will always be current in every fetish, rock or fashion wardrobe. With small measures for the care of latex garments will remain perfect over time.