Gloves Latex Pony Play Man




Gloves Latex Pony Play Man in rubber thickness mm 0,4 with horseshoe decoration

Circumference Hand (cm) 19,0-20,0 20,5-21,5 22,0-23,0 23,5-25,0 25,5-27,0
Size Gloves 6,0-6,5 7,0-7,5 8,0-8,5 9,0-9,5 10,0-10,5

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Gloves Latex Pony Play Man in rubber for  party and event in club and disco.

The Gloves Latex Pony Play Man are a unique fetish accessory and certainly particular.

Latex pony play latex man gloves latex glossy rubber

Suitable for play parties and private situations in which latex and role-playing games are absolute protagonists.

If you've always dreamed of a parallel world latex rubber pony play latex gloves will open its doors.

These gloves will be perfect with a latex catsuit of the same color to create a complete illusion. 

In addition, the latex gloves modified in this way are suitable for videos, photo shoots and theatrical performances in the nightclubs

. Pony play latex gloves will ignite your slave or dominant fantasies in a unique and total game.

These horse hoof rubber gloves are also suitable for creating a unique and personalized Halloween or Carnival costume.