Gloves Latex Short Fingerless Two Color in shiny rubber a fetish accessory with catsuit socks corset bra briefs culotte stockings suspenders

Gloves Latex Short Fingerless Two Color




Gloves Latex Short Fingerless Two Color in rubber thickness mm 0,4

Circumference Hand (cm) 19,0-20,0 20,5-21,5 22,0-23,0 23,5-25,0 25,5-27,0
Size Gloves 6,0-6,5 7,0-7,5 8,0-8,5 9,0-9,5 10,0-10,5

The Gloves Latex Short Fingerless Two Color in latex rubber are a fanciful item for any fetish lover.

Gloves Latex Short Fingerless Two Color are shiny and tight-fitting woman's fingers .

Ideal as a first purchase in latex, they are an easily coordinating accessory with catsuits, leggings, bustiers and corsets.

With fingerless latex gloves two colors you will be sexy and creative, dominant and sporty, hot and trendy.

Furthermore, these latex gloves are suitable for burlesque shows, disco nights, photo shoots and videos.

This latex accessory is perfect to complete cosplay and its clarity will make it the focal point.

Nothing prevents you from using the latex fingerless short gloves two colors in the intimacy to revive the understanding of tiles and play together.

The gloves are always a latex accessory perfect to characterize an outfit.

Some indications for the care, washing and maintenance of latex, latex and rubber garments.

Always wash latex clothing in cold water with a neutral detergent.

Remember to oil your latex clothing with silicone oil for cosmetic use.