Gloves Pony Play Latex Woman with horseshoe decoration perfect for play parties and fetish events with a catsuit and gloves

Gloves Pony Play Latex Woman




Gloves Pony Play Latex Woman in rubber thickness mm 0,4 with horseshoe decoration

Hand Circumference (cm)

19,0-20,0 20,5-21,5 22,0-23,0 23,5-25,0 25,5-27,0
Size Gloves 6,0-6,5 7,0-7,5 8,0-8,5 9,0-9,5 10,0-10,5

Gloves Pony Play Latex Woman a perfect fetish and BDSM accessories

Gloves Pony Play Latex Woman in shiny rubber for catsuit

Surely choosing these rubber gloves you will have a perfect outfit for Carnival or Halloween.

You can also use them to complete a perfectly fitting latex catsuit.

For all lovers of fetish clothing this pair of horse hoof gloves is a dream come true.

Finally, choose them in black latex if you want a classic and strong bdsm effect.

But you can choose to wear colored rubber pony play gloves.

Doing so you can use latex riding gloves for entertainment events and theatrical or television shows videos and photographs.

Latex gummy rubber gloves with horse's hoof  and decoration with studs.