Harness Latex Gladiator in rubber thickness mm 0,8 with buckles ideal with a catsuit or fetish underwear for a play party event private night in gay club.

Harness Latex Gladiator




Harness Latex Gladiator in rubber thickness mm 0,8 with buckles

403030404032XS68-74 cm82-87 cm84-89 cm
42/4432/3432/3442/4442/4434/361/2S75-78 cm88-93 cm90-94 cm
46/4836/3836/3846/4846/4838/403/4M79-85 cm94-99 cm95-101 cm
50/5240/4240/4250/5250/5242/445/6L86-91 cm100-107 cm102-107 cm
54/5644/4644/4654/5654/5646/487/8XL92-98 cm108-115 cm108-115 cm
5848485858509XXL99-105 cm116-122 cm116-122 cm

The Harness Latex Gladiator is the latex rubber accessory perfect for a fetish play party.

Moreover Harness Latex Gladiator is a versatile and unique fetish accessory.

Worn over a contrasting latex catsuit will make you the centerpiece of the evening.

You can wear this latex accessory even with just a pair of boxers and studded gloves.

Without a doubt this harness gladiator is ideal for shows and entertainment in discos.

Or for music videos and photo shoots focused on muscular and austere men.

Ultimately this latex rubber harness becomes a basic accessory if chosen in black.

Nicely mischievous in pink or lilac to play in a play party.

Or even flamboyant in red with latex gloves of the same color over a black rubber underwear.

This latex gladiator harness is perfect for a Mad Max look from a future atomic post in metallic gray.