Latex Bra Fetish Transparent 0.4 mm thick with reinforcement strips 0.7 cm high inserts transparent wearable as underwear and swimsuit to wear with panty skirt and jeans leggings

Latex Bra Fetish Transparent




Latex Bra Fetish Transparent in rubber thickness mm 0,4 underwear and swimsuit

Measure underbust (cm)63-67 cm68-72 cm73-77 cm78-82 cm83-87 cm88-92 cm93-97 cm98-102 cm
USA / UK3032343638404244
Italy Sport12345678
Australia / New Zeland810121416182022

Difference  breast-underbust cm

12-14 cm14-16 cm16-18 cm18-20 cm20-22 cm22-24 cm24-26 cm26-28 cm

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The F Latex Bra Fetish Transparent combined with a briefs is a perfect first purchase in rubber.

So a Latex Bra Fetish Transparent with shiny and close-fitting colored parts.

Surely you can use this complete latex underwear also as a swimwear at the beach or in the pool.If lightly oiled and washed immediately after use, latex does not suffer from chlorine and lasts longer than normal swimwear.The parts of transparent latex will create a contrast with the shiny and colored parts.In conclusion, the transparent latex bra in black is a sexy and provocative underwear for a hot evening.But it can become a perfect underwear for burlesque.Or combined with leather pants for an evening at a rock or metal concert. ideal bra for a strong and determined woman who loves latex and uses it every day.The same Fetish Transparent Latex Bra in colored is a swimsuit perfect for swimming pool and beach. Furthermore, the transparent latex part creates a trendy and trendy graphic game for bloggers and trendy girls.Perfect under a latex jacket or elegant and creative fabric.