Latex fetish Dress Zipper Belts Half-Price rubber thickness mm 0,4 for vip party event catwalk advertising movie photo set with jacket glove sock stocking underwear

Latex Fetish Dress Zipper Belts Half-Price

 290,00  145,00


abito fetish latex con cerniera e cinture metà prezzo in gomma di lattice spessa mm 0,4 con cerniera rinforzata sul dietro e due cinture con fibbie regolabili Scontato 50 % solo un capo Colore BIANCO Tg S


3826343270XS57 ‐ 63 cm78 ‐ 84 cm83 ‐ 89 cm
40/424/68/1036/3834/369/111/2S64 ‐ 69 cm85 ‐ 90 cm90 ‐ 95 cm
44/468/1012/1440/4238/4613/153/4M70 ‐ 75 cm91 ‐ 95 cm96 ‐ 102 cm
48/5012/1416/1844/4642/4417/195/9L76 ‐ 83 cm96 ‐ 100 cm103 ‐ 109 cm
52/5416/1820/2248/5046/5021/237/8XL84 ‐ 93 cm101 ‐ 110 cm110 ‐ 118 cm
5620245250259XXL94 ‐ 100cm111 ‐ 119 cm118 ‐ 126 cm

Latex Fetish Dress Zipper Belts Half-Price for rubber lover.

Latex Fetish Dress Zipper Belts Half-Price shiny and perfect fit.

DEAPAGANA Latex Couture offers a latex fetish dress with zipper and half-price latex rubber belts.

This latex dress in black and white recalls the futuristic visions of the 60s and Jane Fonda in Barbarella.

Latex fetish dress with zipper and half-price rubber latex belts.

A unique opportunity to experience high-quality couture latex clothing at an excellent price.

Available in white perfect for the tight and soft summer ideal for disco nights.

To take care of your latex, latex and rubber clothing, always wash it in cold water.

Also use neutral detergent to wash latex and rubber.