Latex Hood Side Circle in rubber gummy thickness mm 0,4 a perfect accessories for catsuit or clothing catwalk fashion video or photo set

Latex Hood Side Circle




Latex Hood Side Circle in rubber thickness mm 0,4

Head Circumference (cm) 49-53 cm 53-55 cm 54-57 cm 58-60 cm 61-64 cm
Neck Circumference (cm) 29-33 cm 31-35 cm 33-39 cm 37-43 cm 41-46 cm

Latex Hood Side Circle shiny and perfect fit

Latex Hood Side Circle natural latex rubber

Definitely a trendy headdress with a strong fashion impact inspired by the covers of Vogue. So This latex accessory to put on your head will be perfect to complete a catsuit. Also with long latex gloves in the same or contrasting color. It is also a perfect headpiece for fashion shows, theatrical shows, animation and music videos. Because of its graphic design line and shiny material such as natural latex rubber. In fact this latex hood is an article suitable for those who love fashion. And not only that, choreographers and costume designers will be able to use this latex headgear to create unique shows. Latex rubber latex cap for editorial fashion stylist blogger