Mask Latex Cat Man Two Colors




Mask Latex Cat Man Two Colors in rubber thickness mm 0,4 with zipper on the back.

Circumference Head (cm) 49-53 cm 53-55 cm 54-57 cm 58-60 cm 61-64 cm
Circumference Neck (cm) 29-33 cm 31-35 cm 33-39 cm 37-43 cm 41-46 cm

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Mask Latex Cat Man Two Colors ideal for every fetish lover, play party and role-playing games.

Mask Latex Cat Man Two Colors is a fantastic shiny and close-fitting hood.

An accessory with a perfect wearability ideal to wear with a catsuit of the same color for role-playing games.

In fact, by dressing this latex mask you will turn into a cat and you can play in the play parties or in the intimacy.

A dream that you can experience wearing a latex cat hood in two classic colors: black, gray or burgundy. In pastel colors if you play with malice and sensuality with a unique and unusual latex accessory.

The latex mask is an accessory also suitable for shows, music videos, film sets.

Or for a unusual cosplay as cat in latex during a cartoon fairy.

Ultimately a latex cat mask perfect for exploring an unusual and mysterious part of itself. Follow these little tips on latex care to have this accessory shiny and soft over time.