Mask Latex Skull Man in shiny rubber on a catsuit.

Mask Latex Skull Man




Mask Latex Skull Man in  rubber mm 0,4 with contrasting color parts

Circumference Head (cm) 49-53 cm 53-55 cm 54-57 cm 58-60 cm 61-64 cm
Circumference Neck (cm) 29-33 cm 31-35 cm 33-39 cm 37-43 cm 41-46 cm

Mask Latex Skull Man perfect as a fetish dream.

Mask Latex Skull Man in shiny rubber on a catsuit.

The latex man skull mask a perfect hood for fetish and play party lovers. Latex skull mask in black shiny or colored. This latex mask will take you into an obscure world of desire to express your gothic soul. Every wish will become reality with this latex mask in black or colored. A mask with skull design in latex in two colors in latex rubber and shiny that will transform you. You can wear this latex hood with a same-colored catsuit. Or with a rubber latex corset and gloves for a play party or for halloween. The latex is perfect for masks because it is snug and shiny, so it fits more than fits. The Latex Skull Man Mask remains a perfect hood also for music videos and theatrical performances. Small measures for the maintenance of latex garments will help to preserve them over time. Wash your latex mask always in cold water and rinse it very well. Because even neutral detergents on latex can leave residues that stain it.