Shirt Classic Men Latex mm 025 in rubber shiny or mat with press buttons on the front perfect with trouser and jacket also in leather or fabric

Shirt Classic Men Latex mm 025




Shirt Classic Men Latex mm 025 in rubber shiny or mat with press buttons on the front collar and cuffs

IT USA UK FR DE JP Sport Int Waist Chest Hips
40 30 30 40 40 32 XS 68-74 cm 82-87 cm 84-89 cm
42/44 32/34 32/34 42/44 42/44 34/36 1/2 S 75-78 cm 88-93 cm 90-94 cm
46/48 36/38 36/38 46/48 46/48 38/40 3/4 M 79-85 cm 94-99 cm 95-101 cm
50/52 40/42 40/42 50/52 50/52 42/44 5/6 L 86-91 cm 100-107 cm 102-107 cm
54/56 44/46 44/46 54/56 54/56 46/48 7/8 XL 92-98 cm 108-115 cm 108-115 cm
58 48 48 58 58 50 9 XXL 99-105 cm 116-122 cm 116-122 cm

Shirt Classic Men Latex mm 025 with soft wearability.

Shirt Classic Men Latex mm 025 shiny or mat rubber

An idea of ​​wearable latex clothing even during the day you choose it in blue or white. In fact it is a creative and simple way to wear a latex and rubber shirt in everyday life. Surely a classic shirt revisited in a trendy and creative way for men who pay attention to details. Also in this case it is worth trying it in a non-glossy but slightly powdered version. So we propose a mat effect on the rubber that echoes the fabric. Classic shirt for men, latex, 0.25 mm in glossy black or colored Also in black it becomes the perfect garment for events and parties in the disco or fetish parties. Or clubs in which the dress code is required in latex or in any case black. The latex shirt is proposed thickness 0.25 mm perfect for this line and processing. So in the thickness 0.25 mm the latex has a softer, almost silky and very light consistency. Despite the resistance given by the excellent quality of our latex. So an extremely fashionable latex clothing suitable for bloggers and stylists also for editorials.