Stockings Latex Half Foot in shiny rubber as sexy underwear with corset bra panty on a catsuit perfect for a party event pin up burlesque

Stockings Latex Half Foot




Stockings Latex Half Foot  rubber mm 0,4

354234,52122,3 cm
3653352223,0 cm
376,54362323,6 cm
3875372424,3 cm
3986382525,0 cm
4097392625,7 cm
41108402726,4 cm
42119412827,0 cm
43109422827,7 cm
4410,59,54328,528,3 cm
4511,510,54429,529,0 cm
461211453029,7 cm
471312463130,3 cm
4813,512,5473231,0 cm

Stockings Latex Half Foot in shiny perfect fit rubber.

Stockings Latex Half Foot perfect as sensual underwear.

The half-foot latex hold-ups are a perfect accessory for any fetish and latex lover.

These hold-ups make sexy and provocative the legs of every dominant woman, a true mistress.

Moreover, half-foot latex stockings are perfect not only in classic black latex.

Hearing the shiny red rubber you will be the center of attention with a passionate and sexy color.

Surely long socks suitable for cosplay as shiny and adheres perfect for manga or comic book characters.

Latex hold-ups are also perfect in combination with corsets busti culottes and latex gloves.

In fact, they will help you create a perfect pin-up look for a burlesque show dedicated to Betty page fetish icon.