Stockings Latex Rubber Buckles thickness mm 0,4 underwear lingerie for a sensual night or a sexy pin up burlesque performance with corset brassiere suspender

Stockings Latex Rubber Buckles




calze autoreggenti fibbie latex rubber in gomma di lattice spessa mm 0,4 con fettuccia di rinforzo interna in lattice alto cm 0,7 con tre fibbie laterali anallergiche.

DE USA UK RU JP Foot in cm
35 4 2 34,5 21 22,3 cm
36 5 3 35 22 23,0 cm
37 6,5 4 36 23 23,6 cm
38 7 5 37 24 24,3 cm
39 8 6 38 25 25,0 cm
40 9 7 39 26 25,7 cm
41 10 8 40 27 26,4 cm
42 11 9 41 28 27,0 cm
43 10 9 42 28 27,7 cm
44 10,5 9,5 43 28,5 28,3 cm
45 11,5 10,5 44 29,5 29,0 cm
46 12 11 45 30 29,7 cm
47 13 12 46 31 30,3 cm
48 13,5 12,5 47 32 31,0 cm

Stockings Latex Rubber Buckles are a basic item for every woman who loves to dress in gummmy and rubber. The Stockings Latex Rubber Buckles are a sexy underwear. In fact you can choose them in classic glossy black for a dominant and fetish look. The three metal buckles create a light spot on the already polished latex with a futuristic and metropolitan effect. Choose them cheerfully in bright pastel colors, light blue or lilac pink with pinup culottes. Complete this intimate clothing with mischievous gloves or a latex collar to play with your partner. No doubt paired with burlesque latex corsets and corsets to seduce you into a night of passion. These are adherent and shiny rubber socks, which perfectly fit both the foot and the leg. This in vogue of a careful and professional modeling, the result of experience and professionalism. It is extremely careful in the phase of cutting and gluing of latex parts. DEAPAGANA Latex Couture Latex socks are reinforced at the joints. They are also made with carefully crafted in Italy, a true Made in Italy, for packaging and design. Latex accessory worn with underwear

This is the natural function of latex buckle stockings because the latex is sensual and seductive.

In fact we are sure that will be the protagonists of many stories of passion dressed in latex. And we like to share dreams and passions with our customers, a way of shiny and evocative rubber dresses. But the real trendsetters will wear them with dresses and skirts in their wardrobe because it is fashionable and trendy. The DEAPAGANA Latex Couture hold-ups can be seen in numerous editorials. Fashion courts clothing in rubber and mixes it with leather and fabric for unusual combinations of garments. And concluding they are always a wonderful gift to do to all lovers of latex. Already receiving a package from us is a joy, open it and find these latex will be a small dream.