T-shirt Turtleneck Latex Sleeveless in shiny perfect fit rubber perfect with leggings pencil skirt and jacket also in fabric or leather for evening dinner party event theater if you like trends and fashion

T-shirt Turtleneck Latex Sleeveless




T-shirt Turtleneck Latex Sleeveless in rubber thickness mm 0,4

ITUSAUKFRDEJPSportInt.Waist cmBreast  cmHips cm
3826343270XS57 ‐ 6378 ‐ 8483 ‐ 89
40/424/68/1036/3834/369/111/2S64 ‐ 6985 ‐ 9090 ‐ 95
44/468/1012/1440/4238/4613/153/4M70 ‐ 7591 ‐ 9596 ‐ 102
48/5012/1416/1844/4642/4417/195/9L76 ‐ 8396 ‐ 100103 ‐ 109
52/5416/1820/2248/5046/5021/237/8XL84 ‐ 93101 ‐ 110110 ‐ 118
5620245250259XXL94 ‐ 100111 ‐ 119118 ‐ 126

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T-shirt Turtleneck Latex Sleeveless in shiny rubber.

A perfect T-shirt Turtleneck Latex Sleeveless for fashion and fetish lovers.

The latex turtleneck neck t-shirt in natural latex rubber is always elegant and trendy.A sleeveless, sleeveless latex high neck t-shirt.Who wears this latex turtleneck t-shirt can match it with skirts and trousers also not in latex for a unique outfit.This sleeveless latex blouse is a versatile and wearable item perfect as a first purchase in rubber latex.In fact it can be worn with leather or fabric garments that create a trendy contrast with the latex.Taking care of the latex turtleneck t-shirt will always remain shiny and soft for years.Therefore, remember to wash latex clothing after each use in cold water.We also choose a specific detergent and spread the rubber and latex items to dry in the shade.