Eyesoverfashion #2 interview to Cristina buracchia Owner and head Deasigner of DEAPAGANA Latex Couture


Ms. Buracchia thanxs a lof for this interview with our fashion webzine. Could you tell us the origin of your brand DEAPAGANA Italian Latex Couture?

Hallo David, first of all I thank you for your hospitality on your magazine and the opportunity to talk about my work.

Most of all I come from a family of painters, i’m graduate at Istituto Europeo di Design in Milan and I have been a store manager in Italy and Switzerland for years.

These experiences have led me to realize the idea of designing and making my own collection.

The Latex is a natural material, not so known in Italy.

But it leaves a great freedom of expression and it’s for this reason that I decided to create a brand of latex clothes.

Because it gives the opportunity to the costumers to mix my items with fabric and leather clothes and accessories already in their wardrobe.


What about your new collection? Which are your source of ispiration?

I mostly work with capsule collections of five to ten garments inspired by an idea.

Drawing the sketches, create patterns, sewed the latex prototypes, then I look for the models, the photographers and the MUA suitable to realize the photo sets.

I also take care of the accessories, because the photographs have to be complete and tell a story.

Especially relevant I have in mind a collection for a period, then, suddenly, some elements coincide to implement them.

So others are the result of sudden inspiration, a feeling, a color, a chat and everything that can lead to picking up a pencil and draw something.

Some elements that I realize, always recur in my work: the image of a so strong woman, a warrior with machine gun and katana opposed to the image of a ultra-feminine pinup. 


How does a woman havo to dress to be sexy, in your opinion?

I am convinced that the elegance is the very essence of the sensuality.

So Looking at my clothes and accessories, the first thing that strikes you is that quietly fabric could be achived, have elegant and stylish line, the


was precisely to take a material like latex, known in a certain environmen, and make it usable by a wider circle of people in different situations.

Sexy woman is first and foremost a woman who looks in the mirror and like herself, sexy is intelligence, play safety of themselves.

It’s not the dress to make sex a woman, but the woman to make sexy the dress.

Given its, it’s clear that a sensuous dress and a amazing make up make you feel so special and safe.

When I see every woman wearing my clothes and smile in the mirror, this is for me the greatest satisfaction.

In addition it means that my clothes make feel a woman beautiful attractive and very sensual. 


Which are DEAPAGANA’s own goals and future projects?

In conclusion I had a lot of satisfactions, I want to continue to grow DEAPAGANA up see it to become a really as a brand not only for latex clothes production.

And I would also continue to see this growth with the collaboration with magazines, advertising, film and television, work on specific projects.

Most of all to become a reference point for what concerns the latex products in general.

So for the creativity and the quality of my works DEAPAGANA could be really a reference point, cause this figure is absent both in Italy and let me say in Europe, too.

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Cover, editorial and interview to the designer Cristina Buracchia mind and heart of DEAPAGANA Italian Latex Couture for Eyesoverfashion magazine.