Washing and Care

Washing and Care advice from DEAPAGANA Latex Couture

Washing and Care clothing accessories and underwear latex latex rubber
Do I have to wash my latex clothing after each use?

It is a good idea to wash your clothes in latex after each use, do not worry, it is a quick and useful operation.

The sweat is acidic and may stain your latex clothes, as many stains can be removed if washed immediately.

We also recommend our beloved latex to wash their clothes within twenty-four hours of use, little foresight that will keep them beautiful over time.

How to wash latex clothing?
So you fill a sink or a basin with COLD water, this is important, the latex suffers heat.

Add a teaspoon of detergent with antibacterial without fabric softener and gently move the head turned upside down in the water.

If you do not have a specific detergent you can use a neutral detergent, it is better to avoid the Marseille soap because it tends to leave residues.

Turn the head to the right and repeat the operation, remove the dirty water and rinse thoroughly and carefully.

Often nonspecific detergents tend to leave residues, so spend some time in rinsing, you will not regret it.

Is it possible to wash latex clothing in the washing machine?
Sometimes when you have several items to wash the poetry goes a bit and you are tempted to wash everything in the washing machine.

Good …. DO IT !!!

Dear lovers of latex we do it here after the photo shoots and fashion shows, just follow a few tricks.

First of all, let’s start from the assumption that this is a good quality latex.

First of all put all the items to be washed in the washing machine on the reverse and set a cold wash cycle.

The washings for wool or delicate are ideal because they have the centrifuge at 400 rpm.

At this point add a detergent for delicate items without softener possibly with antibacterial and enjoy a little relaxation while your clothes will be perfectly washed.

Oil or Talc for washing and care of latex clothing?
The talc often used to store latex garments is not a good solution as it tends to dry latex which is a natural material and this makes it prone to breaking or sticking.

The oil is the optimal solution nourishes, makes soft and optimally preserves the latex also breast is used for long periods.

The best way to oil your clothes is to fill the sink with clean water.

In fact, after washing them, add a teaspoon of certified silicone oil for cosmetic use (product link).

Also, gently move the garment in the water by turning it a couple of times, in this way the oil will be evenly distributed.

Washing and Care how to dry latex clothing.
Always have the foresight you put a towel on the stretched site to your clothes hanging horizontally and never use laundry tweezers that can leave marks.

Remember to turn your garments to the right after about half an hour and lightly dab them with the towel.

Sometimes if you forget a garment on the drying rack the residue of water in the inside could stain the garment itself, usually just rinse it again so that the stains disappear.

Washing and Curacome to keep latex clothing
First of all, check that they are perfectly dry, even though oiled, moisture remains an enemy of latex.

Hang them on a small plastic man and if it is a trousers put a rectangle of fabric between the head and the nipper’s pliers so that it does not remain marked.

Cover it with a suitcase for black clothes or without a plastic bag that is always black so that it does not filter the light.

Store it in a closet, not in the cold and not in a humid environment, in this way your garment will be stored in optimal conditions.