Washing in hand latex clothing

Washing in hand latex clothing


Washing latex clothing by hand simple rules.

Hand washing is the most used method to wash your latex garments.

We recommend washing the items you have just bought from unknown producers.

The DEAPAGANA Latex Couture garments will already be washed and oiled.

With our certified silicone oil for cosmetic use and then you can wear them directly.

It is a good idea to wash your clothes within 24 hours of use because the sweat may stain them.

So you fill a sink or a basin with cold water, this is important, the latex suffers heat.

Add a teaspoon of antibacterial detergent without fabric softener and gently move the dress.

Turn it over and repeat the operation on both sides of the latex clothing.

Rinse thoroughly, taking care to remove all soap residues from your latex dress.

In fact soap residues can stain latex clothing.

Fill the basin with clean water again and add half a teaspoon of silicone oil for a catsuit.

A few drops are sufficient for smaller items.

Turn the clothing on both sides so that the oil arrives everywhere.

Spread your dress in a cool place and away from the sun’s rays.

Store catsuits and latex accessories hanging in a black plastic bag when they are dry.

With these small measures for washing clothes in latex by hand, your garments will remain beautiful and shiny for years.

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